Established in 1984 , Litttledale is located in Southwestern Wisconsin where the rolling hills provide a ideal home for our thrifty sheep.

Currently, we have a flock of 104 ewes and 23 rams. Both of our purebred sheep breeds are hardy and do well on simple feed – they are easy keepers!  We have also bred some North Country Cheviot ewes and Scottish Blackface ewes to a Bluefaced Leicester ram to produce Mule Sheep. We kept all the ewe lambs from these crosses and marketed the ram lambs as wether feeder lambs. The Mule ewes are bred to our English Suffolk Terminal Sire to produce superior muscled market lambs.

Our sheep are maintained on pasture year round and are fed a grass hay mixture during the winter. The ewes are provided with a protein lick tub for 3-4 weeks prior to lambing and the lambs are offered a 20% commercial sheep feed for a few weeks after they are born in March/April until pasture is available. The sheep are sheared in May each year. The lambs are weaned in August and any surplus cross bred lambs are marketed as feeder lambs. The remaining cross bred lambs are kept on pasture until October by which time they have achieved optimum weight for market.

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Our Border Collie herding dogs originated in the UK - our first dog was imported from the Littledale area of Lancashire, England in 1979.

All our dogs are worked regularly on the farm and Graham is currently training our young dogs, Maggie, Teddy and Tommy.

We introduced Livestock Guardian Dogs to our farm in 2011.  Pumba and Benny are Maremma/Mastiff/Polish Tatra crosses and are settling in well to protect our flock of sheep from predators.


Graham & Margaret Phillipson

Welcome to Littledale,

 our Wisconsin Farm & Bed and Breakfast!

The Premier source for the best of the British Hill sheep breeds

Quality products from our Grass Based Sheep Production

Farm Fresh Lean Lamb, Wool Fleeces, Rams Horns and Sheepskins for sale

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These breeds are continually improved with the best UK genetics available.  The three tier British breeding system is employed to ultimately produce a prime lamb of superior conformation and taste.

Specializing in high quality purebred North Country Cheviot and Scottish Blackface sheep

We offer Bed & Breakfast in our renovated farm house - an informal home away from home atmosphere in the beautiful hill country of Southwest Wisconsin.

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