Littledale Farm

Littledale Farm

Welcome to Littledale Farm, 

The Premier source for the best British Hill Sheep breeds

Specializing in high quality purebred North Country Cheviot and Scottish Blackface Sheep  

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Established in 1984, Litttledale is located in Southwest Wisconsin where the rolling hills provide an ideal home for our thrifty sheep.

Both purebred Scottish Blackface and North Country Cheviot sheep breeds are hardy and do well on simple feed – they are easy keepers!  We have also bred some Cross-bred ewes to a Hybrid English Suffolk ram to produce superior muscled market lambs. Littledale sheep are maintained on pasture year round and are fed a grass hay mixture during the winter.

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A Year at Littledale

Littledale Border Collie herding dogs originated in the UK - our first dog was imported from the Littledale area of Lancashire, England in 1979.

All our dogs are worked regularly on the farm and Graham is currently working Tommy and Cash. Emma joined us in 2020 and has started her training.

We introduced Livestock Guardian Dogs to our farm in 2011.  Hector and Gracie are currently doing a fine job of protecting our flock of sheep from predators.

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Scottish Blackface Horns

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Welcome to Littledale

  Littledale Farm is named for the area in Lancashire, England  where our first Border Collie came from.

  Littledale in Lancashire ~~~~~~~~